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Road & Bridge Design Surveys

Road & Bridge Design require the most accurate topographic surveys considering that Federal Highway Administration standard of 1.5 cm Maximum Vertical Error.  


SurveyWhirrx is ideally suited for these type of topographic surveys

Aerial Photo of a Road

Significant Savings on Each Topo

SurveyWhirrx was used to perform a topographic survey in Minnesota on 10 miles of road in 5 days

Road Benefit Calculation.png

Continued Savings 

Complete 10 Mile Project Savings

The above savings are for a single design survey.....but the savings accrue through each stage of a road project.  

  • Planning Survey

  • Design Survey

  • In-Progress Survey

  • As-built Survey

100+ Days Saved

1800+ Hours of Productivity

Additional Benefits

Resolve Disputes between Customers/Contractors

All too often there are disputes amongst those entities performing the work and hiring the work done.  By collecting data both before and after material is removed or added there is an accurate accounting of the volumetrics.

Eliminate Need for Additional Survey Shots

Many times legal right of way and utility line location shots are done separate from the topo.  However, painting these markers ahead of time such that they are visible from the air enables SurveyWhirrx to provide a single digital deliverable with EVERYTHING a design engineer needs as all data will points in the digital deliverable will be within 1 - 1.5 cm .

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