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SurveyWhirrx Benefits

Faster Surveys

5-7+ Times Faster Surveys

Example:  Complete an 11 Mile Road Topo in < 5 Days

Reduced Costs

No expensive servers or software licenses

Fewer Labor Hours to Topo and No Expensive Computers, Equipment or Subject Matter Expertise Needed

Superior Deliverable

Highly Accurate Points in Every Imaged Pixel with < 1 - 1.5 cm Maximum Vertical Error

Paint utility locations and other desired markers before the survey flight eliminating need for additional survey shots later

Your Design Engineers will have Everything they Need

Safer Surveys

Removes Surveyors from Dangerous Sites

Reduces Fatalities & Injuries

Accurate Contractor Estimates

Reduced Risk & Cost by Knowing Material Needed & Used

Prevent Disputes Before they Occur....Resolve When they Arise

Impact to Government & Private Users

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