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High Accuracy Deliverables

Select desired accuracy

Choose desired deliverable(s)

In the end you need a digital deliverable and model of the site that is accurate.  Our processing price includes providing multiple digital deliverable types if desired.

Our experience in surveying and engineering design projects both traditionally and with drones has given us unique insights into the digital formats that you need for your surveys

Deliverable Options

Point Cloud2.jpeg

You can select from one or more of the below file formats.  A fully processed deliverable automatically comes with ortho photos.  However, if all you want is an ortho photo alone then we have reduced pricing for this.

Full Resolution Point Cloud (.las, .laz)

Intelligently Thinned Point Cloud

CAD Surface (MicroStation, Autodesk, etc)

DEM in TIF Format

Ortho Photo (jpg2000, jpeg, tiff, etc)

And Others...

Customize a Deliverable for Your Workflow

We can also work with you to modify or create a new deliverable type as well that integrates efficiently into your workflow.

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