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What is SurveyWhirrx?

New Drone Cutou.png

SurveyWhirrx is a turnkey photogrammetry-based drone survey system that enables a surveyor to fly their own surveys and receive a digital survey deliverable with ground verifiable accuracy of 1 - 1.5 cm on hard surfaces. 

This enables you to achieve the same accuracy as traditional topographic surveys with better resolution, less interpolation and a superior aerial image deliverable.

Whirrx partners with you from start to finish, from training and flight licensing to rapidly delivering a 3D model of the site flown with SurveyWhirrx.


How is SurveyWhirrx Different from other Drone Survey Systems



1 - 1.5 cm Max Vertical Error (every point less than 0.05 feet)

Other Systems

5+ cm Average Vertical Error (some points within 0.3 ft while others have 1 foot+ error)


Superior Accuracy @ 400 ft 

Worse Accuracy flying @ 100 ft

Includes Surveyor Focused Training & Support

Yes, Included w/ Price  

Not included and not focused on survey use case

Flies in Freezing Weather



Surveyor "Optimized" Deliverable



Turnkey Solution

Yes.  No software licenses, subscriptions or additional computers needed

Most provide drone or software only leaving surveyor to "figure it out"

How Does SurveyWhirrx Achieve Better Accuracy Than Other Systems


Our company is solely focused on accuracy and the surveying for engineering design.  Others focus on broad use cases.


Our founders and technical staff have extensive expertise in surveying, remote sensing, photogrammetry, GPS, software and drones.  Others typically approach a single technology area with no experience in the domain of the use case.   


The SurveyWhirrx Product was created over 7 years of research and 4 years flying drone surveys as a service commercially for government and private organizations 


Why Don't You Use LiDAR


Elon Musk on LiDAR

"In my view, it is a crutch...."

"You can absolutely be superhuman with just cameras"

Click for Attribute

We Agree with Elon regarding LiDAR.  Since companies cannot get accuracy with cameras and navigation sensors they resort to LiDAR.  This adds significant cost to the system for data collection.  

SurveyWhirrx achieves better accuracy than aerial LiDAR and the same accuracy as ground mobile LiDAR at a fraction of the price with dramatically shorter post-processing time and cost.

That being said, we have a prototype solution to integrate very cost effective LiDAR to sense things above the ground such as power lines.  

How do I Need to Set Survey Control with SurveyWhirrx

 1- 1.5 cm 


1.5 - 3 cm


3 - 5 cm


You set the same amount of survey control as you normally would for a traditional survey. 


If you set total station control then you will get total station accuracy across a site. 


If you set GPS control, you will get GPS accuracy.

If you only need 3-5 cm vertical error then you DO NOT have to set ANY survey control.

What is Included with a SurveyWhirrx Purchase

Drone Platform and Sensors

Everything you need.png
  • Full-Frame Camera Sensor with Professional Lens

  • Professional Light Meter ensuring perfect photo data capture

  • Fly perpetually w/ 3 Li-Ion Batteries that can be Field Charged

  • ​Dual Frequency, Multi-Constellation High Precision GPS

  • High-Quality Low Maintenance KDE Motors and Controllers

  • PixHawk 2.1 Cube Autopilot System w/ Redundant Power

  • ArduPilot Software for Flight Control

Ground Station

Full Training.png
  • Panasonic Toughbook with Daylight Readable Screen

  • Whirrx Field Check Software to Verify Accurate Data Collection

  • 5 Ft. Helipad for Clean Take-Off & Landing Area

  • Pelican Cases for Transportation

Full Training & Support

  • In-person training for flight operations and aerial survey control

  • Training to support Part 107 pilot certification

  • Support at your first aerial survey to guarantee success

  • Ongoing technical support

How Do I Process the Collected Data

Sherburne County.png
Point Cloud2.jpeg

Before you leave the site you will check the collected data with our Field Check Software to ensure all data was captured and will process accurately.  This enables you to re-fly an area if needed before you leave the survey site.

Once you arrive at the office you will upload all of the data from the SurveyWhirrx System to the Whirrx cloud and select your desired deliverable.  Pricing to process is determined by size of the site flown and project type.

You receive your requested digital survey deliverable within 48-72 hours.  We can expedite turn around for an additional fee.

What Drone Experience Do I Need


None.  All you need is survey background and training.  Drone experience is not necessary.  Whirrx will train you on everything you need to do to perform aerial drone surveys accurately, efficiently and safely

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