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Turnkey Drone System Built by Professional Land Surveyors for Surveyors

Survey Faster.
Survey Better.
New Drone Cutou.png

Survey 5-7 Times Faster with Maximum Vertical Error of 1 - 1.5 cm on Hard Surfaces

Road & Bridge


Drone Surveys Today Mobile 2.png
Drone Surveys Today.png

Everything You Need in A Drone Survey System

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Drone with Sensors and Ground Station

Digital Deliverable.png

Cloud Software Processing into a Digital Survey Deliverable

Full Training.png

Full Training & Support

How the System Works

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You set the flight plan based on the site you are surveying and the system takes care of the rest


step 2 improved.png

Use the Whirrx web portal to select a desired digital deliverable format and upload the collected data to our cloud software processing pipeline

step 3 aligned size.png

Receive your requested deliverable and provide to your design engineers

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