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Utility Corridor & Pipelines

Long corridors of utility lines or pipelines are expensive and time consuming to survey via traditional means.  Drones are an ideal tool to cover long miles of utility corridors and pipelines.  However, until now other systems were only able to provide highly variable "GIS-level" accuracy versus true survey grade accuracy.

SurveyWhirrx enables you to achieve 3-5 cm maximum vertical error across the surveyed area with NO control.  

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Same Accuracy on a More Efficient Aerial Platform

Some customers resort to a fixed wing system for long corridors as they are promised it is faster for surveying.  We learned over 4 years of drone surveys that fixed wing systems are inefficient due to the wider turns that are required to fly a survey grid.

Our approach is different.  SurveyWhirrx is available now in a quadcopter that surveys at 23-25 mph and in 2019 will be offering a helicopter platform that surveys accurately flying at 65+ mph @ 400 ft AGL.  A helicopter can turn instantly meaning that more time is spent over the desired survey area.  

Topo 70 Miles in Under 7 Days


65 MPH Helicopter for Larger Corridors

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