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Aerial Platform Options

New Drone Cutou.png


Available Now

The standard airframe that is available now and can support all use cases

Current Specs

Weight:               12.5 lbs

Survey Speed:     23 mph

Flight time:          30+ min/battery

Coverage/Flight: 1.5 miles/ flight



Coming Soon

Provides 3-4 times the coverage of the quad with ability to fly in heavy winds and above 5,000 MSL

Design Goals

Weight:                18 lbs

Survey Speed:      60 mph

Flight Time:          1 hour/battery

Coverage/Flight:  2-3 x Quad 

whirrx hexa.png


Coming Soon

Similar performance to the quad with ability to fly in higher winds and above 5,000 MSL 

Design Goals

Weight:                 13 lbs

Survey Speed:      23 mph

Flight time:           30+ min/battery

Coverage/Flight:  1.5 miles/flight

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