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A Proven Solution

2000+ Surveys

SurveyWhirrx was created through a combination of research and projects that were done with customers over a 4+ year period.  Below are some examples.

Accuracy Assessment with Sherburne County

The SurveyWhirrx system has been used with Sherburne County on multiple road surveys.  The attached pdf summarizes an accuracy assessment done with Sherburne County comparing SurveyWhirrx with traditional survey method results.  

All points have a maximum vertical error of 1 - 1.5 cm while flying at 400 ft AGL.


Airport in Utah


SurveyWhirrx was used to perform an airport survey of a Class E Surface airport.  After comparing with check shots the maximum vertical error was within 0.05 feet. 


This survey using traditional survey would have taken 2 survey crews a week to complete.  Instead SurveyWhirrx completed the survey within 20 minutes.

Highway Project in Iowa

Example Error Assessment- SurveyWhirrx.p

There are many road projects in which SurveyWhirrx has been used throughout Iowa.  This example project was in Wapello Iowa from August 2017 in which SurveyWhirrx was flown at 400 ft AGL with 3 control points.

All points were within a maximum vertical error of 0.055 feet and since that time SurveyWhirrx has been improved further to ALWAYS be within 0.05 feet 

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