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Commercial & Residential Construction

Large commercial and residential developments generally require 3 - 5 cm Maximum Vertical Error.  With SurveyWhirrx to achieve this level of accuracy no survey control setting is required.

Simply fly the site to collect the data and upload it to SurveyWhirrx and you receive a deliverable with the required accuracy.

This provides much faster turnaround and the ability to perform several in-progress survey checks as projects move forward.

Under Construction

Significant Savings with Reduced Risk

Since no survey control is needed you can fly and collect data on over 200 acres within ~1.5 hours.  Within hours this data will result in a 3-5 cm vertically accurate survey digital with a point every inch.  If additional accuracy is needed GPS control can be set to enhance

Reduces risk of engineering design errors up front

The resolution and accuracy of the survey across the site gives critical data up front to design engineers mitigating risk of error

Provides a new tool to verify the site regularly as construction progresses

The automated process of converting aerial data to a digital deliverable enables affordable in-process build checks to catch issues early

Eliminate Need for Additional Survey Shots

By painting utility locations and other markers ahead of time SurveyWhirrx will automatically locate these positions within 1 cm horizontal.  No need to go out and shoot additional points if they are visible from the air before flying

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